About AJ


Hey there, I’m AJ!!

I am in my second year of school at Auburn University on my way to earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. “What do I want to do with that” you ask? My heart is for sharing the truth of the gospel and encouraging middle + high school girls.

Although I am still in college, I am blessed to be able to have one foot in ministry already. I am the director of Bloom Gatherings for 7th-9th grade girls. Bloom is sponsored by Cup of Joy Women Ministries. We have had our first few events and are excited to have more in the future!

Past the speaking, I am also a writer (you could probably guess by the fact that I have a blog). More excitedly, I am also working on my first book!! I am in the process of editing and the beginning of publishing. When there are more updates on the progress of the book, you will be the first to know!